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RE: 1/3 stress increase for 5 psf interior wind load

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....they should be proving (to you) that their substitution works. My 2
cents about temporary load related reduction: if there are at least two
transient loads acting on the same member, then reduction is acceptable
because of the low likelihood that such a combination will actually occur.
In your case, lateral load to the wall (regardless of the source) exists by

Have a great day.

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Subject: RE: 1/3 stress increase for 5 psf interior wind load

This really pisses me off. I guess I am not the only one who has had metal
stud guys just lighten the gage of the studs at their leasure. The AISI code
is very tedious, I do not enjoy going through the exercise of proving that
their substitutions work. ARGHHHHHH ! ! ! 

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> Thanks for all the replies so far.
> I agree that this load is probably not intended to be from wind, per se.
> However, slamming doors and people leaning against walls would constitute
> short term loads that I could easily rationalize a stress increase.
> In response to Michael Ritter, I wouldn't use it either except I am in a
> jam.  Like I said in my original post, we had indicated stud sizes on our
> structural drawings.  When the light gage sub submitted shop drawings, he
> had increased the gage sizes everywhere which would have resulted in a
> substantial change order.
> I want the structure to be adequate, but I don't feel like eating crow on
> my design right now. (I'm still too full on turkey.)
> Dan