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RE: SEA Membership Inquiry

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I'm not sure if my response is appropriate and I would not want to suggest
that you not join the chapter closest to your home or office, however, you
are free to join any chapter that you believe offers you the most "return on
your buck". These are my own opinions and should not be misconstrued to
represent any position as a Southern California Chapter member.
If you work in a small office or intend to be self-employed, you may chose
to search out the chapter which best represents the small office needs.
Although I live closest to Southern Chapter (150 East and in the desert) I
have no chapter reasonably close that I would intend to make frequent visits
or attend monthly meetings. In this case, I would consider the chapter which
has the strongest support for a small practice and one with supports the SEA
International Listserver and website. This would be SEAOSC, who owns the
hardware and has been historically consistent in their support of the
virtual community and local small business owners.
There are three other chapters - each provides a percentage of dues for the
state SEAOC - which you automatically become a member of as well as support
from NCSEA (which sends you their quarterly journal).

My personal opinion is that we live in a time where geographic boundaries
are no longer as important to those of us outside a reasonable distance from
any one local chapter. Therefore, I would be more inclined to search out the
chapter that best supports my business needs.

If you go to the SEAINT website at , you will find the email
and phone numbers for each of the four state chapters.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
SEConsultant(--nospam--at) <mailto:SEConsultant(--nospam--at)>
(208) 361-5447 Efax

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From: Ed Fasula [mailto:tibbits2(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: SEA Membership Inquiry

As part of my compensation I get membership to a professional organization.
ASCE is so broad, I find a small percentage of the content pertains to the
structural work we do.  I am considering dropping ASCE and joining SEA, or a
local chapter, whichever is appropriate.  I know very little about the
organization and its structure.  I'm not sure if I'm even eligible for
membership as an EIT.

I'd appreciate advice on this decision, plus any information on how I can
actually find out more about the organization and membership.

I have tried to inquire about membership through the SEA Int'l site.  The
email was returned, user unknown.  After some redirection through the
Structural Engineers Association of Southern California, maintainers of the
site, I tried to email the NCSEA, which also posts a dead end email address
on its site.  So if anyone interested in gaining more new members is reading
this, here is an opportunity to improve...


Ed Fasula EIT