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Re: dynamic condensation

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I will e-mail to you a copy of a paper wrote by my professor of Structural Dynamics, Dr. Luis Suarez, in the journal of the American Institute of Aeronautics and astronautics(Vol 30 No. 4 Apr 1992) The paper is titled: Dynamic Condensation Method for Structural Eigenvalue Analysis

Waldemar Quiles Jr.
PR Highway & Transportation Authority
Structural Design Office

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Subject: dynamic condensation
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 1999 13:24:56 -0500


Are there any references to "dynamic condensation"? There is a well-known
method, static condensation, that condens a stiffness matrix with respect to
a particular set of DOF. The subject interested here is "dymanic
condensation", that condens eigenvalue equations. For the following example,

/                    \  /       \                /       \
| K_aa  K_ab  |  |  X_1 |=(lambda) |  X_1 |
| K_ba  K_bb  |  |  X_2 |               |  X_2 |
\                   /   \       /               \        /

(Due to different font set, it may be difficult in reading the previous
equation. Please re-shape it if necessary)

Conden out the subset {X_2}, and get the equation [D_aa]{X_1}=(lambda){X_1},
where {X_1} is a subset of {X} and the (labmda) solved in small equation is
also eigenvalue of the original equation.

Any references to "dynamic condensation"? Thank you.

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