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office live load

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I just got plan check comments back for a tenant improvement and seismic
upgrade. The upper (second) floor is about 5000 sf of single tenant open
plan, no corridors. There are exit stairs at each end. Like most new high
tech offices it is crammed with desk work stations with very little actual
open floor space. The occupant load is around 60. The plan checker told me
that I need to design the entire floor level for 100 psf because it has no
designated "Exit Facilities" and the occupant load is greater than 10. The
office conference rooms require 100psf as well. They accept using 80psf live
plus 20psf partition =100psf.

Fortunately, this is not double, I used 50LL plus 20psf partition. I can
understand the plan checkers point, but it seems physically impossible to
get 100 psf live load in our project, so it seems a bit severe. The plan
checker said that signage or bolted down furniture was an unacceptable
alternative to a blanket 100 psf, since it is not enforceable. Am I the only
one that has ever made this mistake?

Is an exit facility a place of public assembly, i.e. can you use a live load
reduction factor (I would think that might be skirting the intent of the
100psf exit load)

Any comments?

Jeff Smith