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Anchorage to concrete

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Section 1923.2 of the 97 UBC indicates that

"When anchors are embedded in the tension zone of a member the load factors 
in Section 1909.2 shall have a multiplier of 3 if special inspection is not 
provided, or of 2 if it is provided."

I need clarification of what the "tension zone of a member" means.

If a base plate is sitting on a concrete beam directly over a cantilever 
support the anchors would definately be in the member's tension zone.

Does this requirement also apply to a base plate that has a large moment 
that puts some of the anchor bolts into tension (or) a base plate which 
transfers uplift forces to all of the anchor bolts?

Please help clarify what type of situations this applies to.

Thanks in advance

Jeff Johnson, PE
UniField Engineering Inc.