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UPDATE 1/3 stress increase for 5 psf int

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Something to add to your specs under the "Delegated Design" provisions, 
"Lateral loads other than seismic on interior partitions are LIVE loads and 
are not to be reduced, nor are allowable stresses to be increased under the 
following load combinations: ..... ."

This should make the playing field a little less hilly.

Since the representative at Deitrich admitted that they were aware of the 
load being a Live Load and not a wind load, did they also agree to pay for 
the cost of changing the studs and change order?  (Might make them not worry 
so much about what "everyone else" does.)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Dan Vines wrote:

>>Thanks again to everyone who replied to my original posts.  Many of your
opinions were "interesting" to say the least.

The final verdict (at least under the 1997 SBC code as confirmed by a
telephone conversation with a gentleman at SBCCI) is that the 5 psf is a
LIVE load: therefore, no 1/3 increase is allowed.

The bad news is that every metal stud mfr. that I have seen takes this 1/3
increase for a 5 psf lateral load for their allowable axial load tables and
curtain wall limiting height tables.  I spoke with a representative with
Deitrich regarding this and I was told that they were aware of the fact that
this was wrong, however a decision was made by the marketing weasles to
publish the tables with this error anyway because "everyone else does it",
and they didn't want their products to appear inferior.

Just another reason to never trust tables.