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RE: office live load

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IMHO, it appears the plan checker is trying to play structural engineer.
Most codes I've worked with require 80 to 100 psf for exit corridors only
and others require the corridors to be equivalent to the areas that exit
into the corridor.  So in this case you should be able to put the 50+20 psf
in the office area and 80 to 100 psf along the "exit corridors" only.  The
recommendation to put 100 psf everywhere is equivalent to what I do on
projects when an adequate budget does not exist to study the various layouts
to get the worst case.  As long as the office areas are comprised of
"movable" furniture the plan checker may continue to require the 80+20 psf
analysis.  In that case, I would definitely use the live load reduction if
applicable.  Depending on the code and the tributary/influence area, the
loads can be reduced from 10 to 40% and likely to be closer to the condition
that you originally designed.  These reductions save enough structural
tonnage to justify the calculation.

William J. Keil, P.E.