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Re: Reliability - Redundancy Factor, 1997 UBC, Section 1630

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SEAOSC List Service,

I am resending the subject message in parts because the SEAOSC List Service 
has limitations on the length of my email messages.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my resending this subject 
message, but I considered the contents of the message important.

Frank E. McClure
<HTML><FONT  SIZE=3 PTSIZE=10>I am forwarding Robert Bachman's November 30, 1999, email message to me to the SEAOSC List Service, in the event you did not receive it.  You will understand my December 2, 1999, email message to the SEAOSC List Service under the same subject much better if you have Robert Bachman's November 30, 1999 email message, which is attached.  I finished talking to Robert Bachman this morning, December 2, 1999, and he said he anticipated that I would share his email message with the SEAOSC List Service and had no strong objection to what I did.<BR>
Frank E. McClure    December 2, 1999.</HTML>