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Re: SEAOC"The One Page Green Book of Existing Building Structural Evaluation etc.

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Frank, Thank you for your  reference to the Existing Building Committee
Green Book and your overly kind words about my contribution to it  which has
not been as much as some other members of that Committee.  Unfortunately,
most of the Committee's time last year was spent  on that document called
the 2000 UCEB (ugh) which you may have heard about.  I hope that we can
spend more time on the Green Book  because it  is a much needed resource
book and much more should be done to it.  If anyone out there reading this
wants to participate and contribute to it and learn more about it in the
process we will welcome you  into one of the Existing Building Committees of
SEAOC.  Contact Jack Laws, the current Chair at sde.sf(--nospam--at)  or
me for more information.
I wonder how many of the other SE Associations have active Existing Building
Committees.  SEAOC-EBC has a list server to discuss this subject and it
would be interesting to have a  link to other similar groups.
Richard Hess
Richard L. Hess S.E
Hess Engineering Inc., (714) 828-1365

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Evaluation etc.

> The Structural Engineers Association - International Web Site
> (  has very important information of interest to
> professionals who practice in the structural and earthquake engineering
> It is suggested that you log on to this Web Site and click on to the
> "Structural Engineers Association of California (SEAOC)," then click on
> "Committees" and then click on "Existing Buildings" and download the SEAOC
> Existing Buildings Committee's "The One Page Green Book of Existing
> Structural Evaluation and Seismic Retrofit," which is a 42 page document.
> This Green Book document is intended to deal with the structural
> issues associated with existing buildings that are planned to remain in
> service and focuses on the structural evaluation, risk assessment and
> retrofit of existing buildings.  It is an excellent resource document that
> you should have in your reference library if you are involved with the
> seismic issues related to existing buildings.  This Green Book tells you
> everything you need to know about the seismic structural evaluation and
> retrofit of buildings but were afraid to ask.  Much credit for this
> resource document is due to the efforts of the SEAOC Existing Buildings
> Committee and its immediate past chair Richard Hess.
> Frank E. McClure      December 2, 1999