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RE: Anchorage to concrete

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A good reference is the code background paper by Balogh and Eligehausen
"Behavior of Fasteners Loaded in Tension in Cracked Reinforced Concrete",
ACI Structural Journal, V. 92, No. 3 May-June 1995.


J. Silva, SE
Hilti, Inc.

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> Subject: 	Anchorage to concrete
> Section 1923.2 of the 97 UBC indicates that
> "When anchors are embedded in the tension zone of a member the load
> factors 
> in Section 1909.2 shall have a multiplier of 3 if special inspection is
> not 
> provided, or of 2 if it is provided."
> I need clarification of what the "tension zone of a member" means.
> If a base plate is sitting on a concrete beam directly over a cantilever 
> support the anchors would definately be in the member's tension zone.
> Does this requirement also apply to a base plate that has a large moment 
> that puts some of the anchor bolts into tension (or) a base plate which 
> transfers uplift forces to all of the anchor bolts?
> Please help clarify what type of situations this applies to.
> Thanks in advance
> Jeff Johnson, PE
> UniField Engineering Inc.
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