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IBC/2000 - Too Much, Too Fast

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In September, the International Code Council/ICBO at its annual meeting 
adopted the IBC/2000.  It will be available in the spring of 2000.

Proposed changes to the IBC/2000 had to be submitted by November 1, 1999!

Hearings on these proposed changes will be held in April 9-20, 2000!  Nobody 
has used the Code yet --- it hasn't even been published, let alone adopted, 
so how can anyone say that the proposed changes are appropriate, necessary, 
and, above all, safe?  How, until the IBC/2000 has been used, can anyone 
really address the provisions?  Isn't this the same thing we are experiencing 
with regard to the redundancy factor?

At least with the UBC we had, except when entire chapters were rewritten, a 
slow progression towards change so that we could see the effect of changes.  
When entire chapters were rewritten, new problems were introduced and this 
should have been recognized as what would happen many times over in rewriting 
an entire code based on a mish-mash of provisions from three different model 

Witness the change from the previous UBC seismic provisions to provisions 
based on the NEHRP provisions that were justified by the argument (empty 
that it is) that the NEHRP provisions had been successfully adopted by BOCA, 
which encompasses an area that doesn't have or doesn't design for earthquakes.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona