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Wharf Strengthening

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Dear colleagues,
We are performing the structural assesment of a wharf, which is supported on concrete piles.   The wharf will be adapted to receive larger ships than nowadays do, so that the structure will be reduced in one direccion for about a half the actual size.   The modified configuration has severe serviceability limit state problems due to the way the piles were driven and founded at the bottom level, but has no strength problems.  
Accordingly, several studies were made in order to achieve the most both cost-effective and easier way to provide the required structural stiffness.  
As a summary, the more economical solution would be to add a crossed bracing system, which efficiently reduces the lateral displacement and then the equivalent drift.   The problem encountered is the new steel brace - existing concrete column connection, at the location below the sea water level.   The vertical force transferred by the brace into the column can not be resisted by shear friction through a steel plate encasing the concrete column along the connection zone, but utilizing an anchorage system (as Hilti fasteners) will put both the exterior area of the column concrete core and the reinforcing steel in contact with the sea water, with the well known corrosion effects.
How would you do in order to achieve the transference of the vertical force into the column?   How could you seal the affected zone if using fasteners?
Any suggestion would be welcomed, but preferably regarding the concept of solving the aforementioned connection and any experience of use of Hilti and MBT products in such an agressive environment.
Thank you in advance.
Fabricio Rosales
Structural Engineering Consultant
Mexico, D.F.
Phone: (52) 5543-4044
Fax:     (52) 5523-0289