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Code Change Consensus Process

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I concur with those who feel that the ANSI consensus process should be
followed in developing the SEAOC recommendations for seismic code
issues.  I've been participating on an ASCE committee developing a new
Standard, using the ANSI process.  The rules are not onerous, and show
that they have been developed over many years as a way to keep the
process "democratic," and still functional for technical work.  There
are three aspects of the process that make it work:
1    As discussed, there is a mix of interests on the committee.  This
can be a bit of a problem, but nothing that intelligent people can't
work out.
2    Also as discussed, there is eventually either a consensus or a
compromise reached by the Committee.
3    Most importantly, after the Committee reaches its consensus, the
draft is made available for "public" comment.  Each comment _must_ be
considered by the Committee, and a record of all comments received, and
the committee's response to each one, must be kept.  It seems that this
last step may have been left out of the process.

The rules can slow things down somewhat, but this is not always a bad

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