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Career Change Possible - Input Requested

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I have been involved with architectural structures engineering for three years, thinking about taking the PE in 1 to 3.  A friend called me up and offered me a job as a test engineer for construction fork lifts.  Here is the list of growth opportunities I have there that I don't think I'd get staying with my current path (no particular order):

Pro E
Data Acquisition
Finite Element Analysis
Heavy Equipment Experience 
Test Stand and Procedure Design
Miscellaneous Computer Programming and Control
Future opportunity to design heavy equipment

Going this route would pretty much nix the building design avenue.  As a Civil, and a rather new one, I really don't know a thing about the career of a test engineer.  My guess is that, with everything being increasingly technology and efficiency driven, it is a growing field.  

Comments from those who are in the field, and others, would be appreciated.

I'm posting anonymously for obvious reasons.  I hope no one is bothered by it.