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Re: Moon Stuff

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>I have always thought about the idea of interplanetary gravitational forces 
>having some influence on Earth's seismic activities. I think it is worth 
>studying it.
Probably the effects are masked beyond recognition by the randomness of 
the actual triggering event. My understanding is that earthquakes are a 
kind of stick-slip affair. Two masses that otherwise would have relative 
motion held in contact by friction until friction can't hold any longer. 
The situation is unstable, insofar as any small relative movement 
decreases the friction locally and causes the rest to carry more load, 
which in turn causes friction in that area to be lost and it's off to the 
races. Seems to me that the actual event which starts it couls be a small 
as tidal forces or maybe a thermal tweak or water leaking somewhere to 
act as a lubricant. Just like a stack of rocks or logs which falls just 
as you figure it will hold and turn your back.

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