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Re: Moon Stuff

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In a message dated 12/7/99 11:30:09 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
wbassett(--nospam--at) writes:

>  There is also this theory that the moon is a
>  piece of earth loosen in the early times of the solar system genesis and
>  then, we still are feeling the post effects of this spectacular event.

To read more about it (but it is rather scary), one should read one of 
several books written by Zecharia Sitchin. All (there are six of them) books 
have a common title: "The Earth Chronicles". Each individual book has its own 
sub-title. It is suggested that one begins reading with "The 12th Planet" 
written in 1976. The last of the "Earth Chronicle" books by Mr. Sitchin was 
published in 1998. 

Mr. Sitchin is an anthropologist and the reading is not as easy as "Agatha 
Christie's" murder mysteries. Mr. Sitchin talks mostly about anthropology and 
develops his theory based on archeological discoveries made in the past 150 
years that can be viewed (and touched) in many museums around the world. 

It is this SEAINT-member's opinion that one should stay away from the books 
as they might dramatically destroy commonly accepted ways one looks at the 
world and also the way one looks at ourselves, the human beings. It is a very 
disturbing theory, which, after reading all six books, becomes an incredible 
reality. All books are paperback, usually priced $6.95 to 8.95 from any good 
bookstore or through one of the EMail stores (such as BandN.COM).  

Well, have fun, the Holidays are coming and you might as well buy yourself 
this book as a Christmas present. The name of the first book is "The 12th 
Planet". But DO NOT read it. Keep it as an occasional reference book. 
Otherwise it is too dangerous as it might destroy your present concept of 

Subject number 2.

Fred Turner of California Seismic Commission writes:

 > Prof. Emeritus Bruce Bolt in his book "Earthquakes" said: "Many types of 
 > trigger forces that might initiate earthquake ruptures have been 
 > Some of the most serious proposals are severe weather conditions, volcanic
 > activity, and the gravitational pull of the moon, sun, and planets.
 > Numerous catalogs of earthquake, including quite complete lists for
 > California, have been searched for such effects without convincing
 > results..."

Mr. Bolt wrote his seismology text books in the late 40's and early 50's. 
Now, half the century later, as science make progress but under tightly 
controlled "directions" enforced by universities' OLD GUARDS, most of his 
suppositions are simply not true. 

Science is being twisted and deceived. Our children in schools are taught 
lies. The questions is why the scientists are doing it?  To save their own 
skin, to save their salaries and their pensions for as long as they are 
breathing. Pretty sad picture. 

Have a good day.