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Re: Moon Stuff

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In a message dated 12/7/99 5:00:46 PM Pacific Standard Time, Michael Valley 
of Skilling Ward Magnusson Barkshire Inc, Seattle, WA, at mtv(--nospam--at) 
>  I grant you that some scientists are self-serving and some scientific 
>  theories are questionable.  However, your contention that "most of 
>  his [Bolt's] suppositions are simply not true" is unsubstantiated 
>  hogwash.

Prof. Bruce Bolt was invited to a chair in seismology at U.C. Berkeley in 
1963. Prior to that and many times thereafter, Mr. Bolt has written many 
articles, scientific papers on the subject of seismology. 

My statement that:

> Mr. Bolt wrote his seismology text books in the late 40's and early 50's. 
Now, half   the century later, as science make progress but under tightly 
"directions" enforced by universities' OLD GUARDS, most of his suppositions 
are simply not true" <

might be not correct as far as the dates are concerned. The word "most" 
should be substituted by "some". However, the word "suppositions" does not 
eliminate his seismology ideas presented in his other publications. Since I 
am entitled to my own opinions, I do not necessarily have to agree with Prof. 
Bolt's ideas. 

Since my remarks are not a personal "attack" on Mr. Bolt (as I admire his 
contribution in the field of seismology) but an individual observation with 
regard to the status of science and its openness to the public which Mr. Bolt 
has also represented (as many others did), all imprecisions that I have 
"committed" in the above statement are not cardinal errors or sins justifying 
your usage of an offensive language - very inappropriate for a public forum. 

However, following your language example, my question now is:

                    whose hogwash stinks better, yours or mine ???

Since I've never worked with pigs and had no opportunity to experience the 
smell of a hogwash, you must have a better feel about the smell of the 

Have a good day.