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Re: Moon Stuff

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I carefully chose the word "hogwash" which according to my dictionary 
is "ridiculous speech or writing."  The same dictionary defines 
ridiculous as "absurd or preposterous; laughable" and absurd is 
defined as "ridiculously incongruous or unreasonable."

Some science is poorly substantiated; we do well to question it.  
However, rational thought cannot build on unsubstantiated criticisms.
All of us are entitled to have and express personal opinions, but 
such opinions should not be accepted by others as true in the absence 
of evidence.  "Unsubstantiated" implies "unreasonable" which equals 
"absurd" which when expressed in speech or writing is "hogwash".

Aside from the errors of fact (dates and "most"), your opinions 
*may* (or may not) be true.  I mean no disrespect to your person or 
opinion.  If you had written "I don't believe most of Bolt's 
suppositions", I would have remained silent.  However, you stated as 
FACT that "most of his suppositions are simply not true."  You may be 
right, but who knows?  Apparently there is no evidence.


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