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RE: Block shear

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I believe the best textbook explanation of block shear can be found in Salmon &
Johnson's 4th edition.  McCormac's 2nd LRFD edition is pretty complete also.
There is discussion and development of the LRFD equations for block shear in
both.  Note that block shear is another area that differs between the ASD and
LRFD Manual.  The LRFD Manual incorporates the latest research that will never
be incorporated in an ASD Manual.

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Aliso Viejo


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Block shear is treated in detail in the AISC Manual, which can be
purchased on the web, but is not electronically accessible there. It's
also treated to varying extents in many (most?) of the steel design
textbooks of which I am aware. I don't know of case studies, except
perhaps you might find some in the early research that was done on block
shear by Birkemoe and Gilmor and many others that followed.


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Subject: Block shear

Does anyone know of any good resources on the web regarding block shear?
mainly looking for case studies but other information is welcome.
Thanks in