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Re: Who's using ASD or LRFD?

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Eventually everyone.  Just not immediately.

> Does anyone have an idea of the split between these codes? How many
> engineers are using ASD and how many are using LRFD? Will everyone
> eventually have to make the switch?

At the University of Idaho, we're only teaching LRFD.  So, all
"young" engineers will primarily know LRFD.  We have found that it's
easier for the students to learn LRFD after taking reinforced concrete  
(which uses Ultimate Strength Design, the concrete version of LRFD).  This
is probably typical of most engineering departments.

Eventually everyone who learned ASD at school will retire ( or
move into management).  Then, LRFD will become the standard.

The transition from ASD to LRFD will take a bit longer than when concrete
designers transitioned from Working Strength Design to Ultimate Strength
Design (late 1950's to early 1970').  

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