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Re: Moon Stuff

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I'm going to weigh in on Michael Valley's side in this little dispute. 
"Yank2002(--nospam--at)" (who has not provided us with a name or title, at
least that has come across in the Digest version of the Listserve)
denies that he has made any major misstatements or any personal attacks
on Prof. Bolt.  Sorry, but characterizing a 21-year old opinion which
was reaffirmed 6 years ago as being 40 or 50 years old, and therefore
behind the times and unregarded, is pretty far off the mark.  Likewise,
"? most of his suppositions are simply not true" is scarcely a
respectful scholarly disagreement.  Perhaps "hogwash" was not a good
term for Mr. Valley to have used, but I agree with his point:  some very
broad negative characterizations about an individual and his work were
made by "Yank200" that were not backed up by any specifics or sources. 
I would hope that this forum can be kept technical and professional.

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