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Re: New Structural Steel

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Go to the ASTM website and download the spec.  But isn't A913 for quenched and
tempered material?

Bart Needham, SE

Gerard Madden wrote:

> Does anybody have the properties of the new structural steel A913 (Grades 50
> & 65). Basically what I am looking for are the Fy's (Probably 50 & 65 ksi
> respectively) and Fu's(Tensile Strength). I have been unable to get any info
> from my web searches.
> On a side note, I was taught in Grad school that I should always consider
> A36 to have an Fy=50ksi since mills today produce mostly dual spec steel.
> This recommendation was brought up in an EBF lecture. Does anyone think it
> is appropriate to always use A36 w/ Fy=50ksi in all NEW construction for any
> application (even angles and channels)?
> P.S.: LRFD RULES ! ! !
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