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$0.02 worth A36/A50

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Please allow me $0.02 worth.

We have found in AL (where I worked previously) and MI (current) that there
was no cost savings in using A36 steel shapes.  Refined production
techniques and increased recycling have contributed to higher yield
strengths for all steel grades (my understanding).  Locally, producers are
purchasing dual grade steel and fabricating the shape specified in the
project at NO cost premium.  Using 50 ksi would actually create a savings
for your client since the tonnage would be reduced (based upon strength
considerations alone).  If deflection is the governing criterion, regardless
of strength the shape will be the same.  I would recommend contacting local
fabricators to solicit there $0.02 worth and see if you can save some steel

Happy Holidays!

Dennis B. Decator P.E.
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Harley Ellington Design
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