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RE: mtl stud shear walls

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I know of no ICBO report, current or otherwise with respect to screws.  Your
source of reference is: APA report 154.  The current tables in the UBC are
based on dynamic testing.  Your building may have been built before this
became the style of the day.  You must take note of the gauge of the studs
and the gauge of the screws, assuming that screws were used, either may
govern the capacity in addition to the plywood itself.  If nails were used
that would be another story.  Do not worry about 3x studs as in wood, steel
studs do not split.  You will not find a lot of information about plywood on
steel studs out there and you may simply have to derive your own tables.
This is what we did prior to the current testing becoming available.  Good

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Subject: mtl stud shear walls

The 97 UBC has design values for 1/2" ply and 7/16" OSB over metal studs.  I

am evaluating an existing building with 3/8" ply over metal studs.  Does 
anyone know of an ICBO report which has design values for seimic loading of 
this assembly?