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Bridge-Playing Engineers

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ENGINEERING is the main area of interest to engineers (Wow, what a discovery 
!!!). But there are also hobbies one enjoys to stay sane. In spite of the 
fact that it requires thinking, one of the hobbies relatively popular with 
engineers is duplicate bridge games. The description of the D-SCORE computer 
program as shown below might be of interest to "bridge-playing engineers". 
The description is NOT a solicitation OF ANY KIND to sell a product, service 
or obtain personal data information.

The program was developed by several structural engineers for their personal 
use. Since the program's level of logic difficulty seems to exceed the level 
of its comprehension by the majority of across-the-board bridge players who 
recently became its initial users (such difference being clearly visible 
while recording many questions which could have been avoided if a person had 
sufficient technical background to understand what the program is doing - all 
this after studying the documentation) - it was decided to offer the program 
for FREE to those who are able to grasp the rationale of the program and who 
can use it for their personal pleasures. 

As a result of this decision, a fully operational D-SCORE program can be 
obtained via EMail by any member of SEAINT.ORG free of ANY charge, if 
requested. Since this is not exactly an engineering topic, to obtain the 
duplicate bridge analysis program please send a private EMail request to: 
YANK3003(--nospam--at)AOL.COM. The requests through SEAINT.ORG will be ignored. 

Requirements: IBM (or compatible) computer 486 or higher connected to the 
printer (to print the documentation). Windows 95 or 98 is optional. 

To discourage illegal duplication, each copy of the program sent to the 
requesting person will be personalized. For this purpose the following data 
is required: your FIRST and LAST name, PROFESSIONAL LICENSE or DEGREE (CE, 
SE, PE, PhD, etc.), the CITY, STATE and the COUNTRY you live in. Requests not 
containing this information will be ignored.

Below is a description of the duplicate bridge analysis program:

"If you want to know whether your performance as a duplicate bridge player 
has improved over a period of time; stayed on the same level for a long 
while; got worse as the time went by; or is quite erratic but you've never 
noticed it - then you need to use the D-SCORE program. The program will 
answers all these questions in addition to showing you a total picture of how 
good or how bad your bridge game is. The program will also tell you what kind 
of performance you can expect in the future - if you don't eliminate the 
mistakes you are now making. Except ... at this time, you have a vague idea 
what these mistakes really are. 

The Match Points, International MP's and Total Points scoring methods are 
used by the IBM-type computer program by displaying mathematically and 
graphically the results of every board and every session that you, your 
partnership or your team has played and comparing it against the results 
achieved by a competitor, another tournament participant or a team that 
played the same boards / sessions as you did. 

After each board's final bid, the number of tricks taken, and the number of 
assigned points are entered into the program, the resulting IMP's, MP's or 
TP's are calculated and displayed. The numerical and graphical interpretation 
of each duplicate contest lets you analyze your past performance. The program 
also suggests to you if, why and how the strategy of bidding or the play 
should be changed. The conclusions of the analysis expose parts of the game 
where mistakes were made. By concentrating on these areas there is a good 
chance of becoming a better bridge player.  

You can enter into the program all boards / sessions you've played in the 
past and observe numerically and graphically the degree of progress you've 
made from the time you've kept the records of your games. The whole bridge 
history of your life is accessible to you any time you want to look at it -- 
all in one computer program.

Because of its unlimited results-entry capabilities, D-SCORE will last you 
for as long as you play the game of bridge. One free gigabyte of a 
computer-hard-disk-space stores the results of over 750,000 hands in about 
15,000 individual sessions @ 50 boards each. You can create the 
unique-name-files and store the results of current or past sessions or 
tournaments separately. These files can be retrieved instantaneously any time 
you want to add new information to the on-going bridge game activities; to 
make adjustments to any of the unique-name-files that you've previously 
created; or ... just to see the results of your past performance.

Use the D-SCORE program for your local club duplicate games; for regional, 
national or team tournaments; for Internet duplicate sessions; for practice 
games against bridge computer programs; or for other sessions you've played 
in the past or will play in the future". 

Contact YANK3003(--nospam--at)AOL.COM.    Any attempt to process your request through 
SEAINT.ORG  will be ignored.

It is strongly recommended that engineers with more than 5 years of 
consistent bridge-playing-experience should request the program, would they 
so desire. The "beginners" would have very little use of the program as more 
basic elements of the game should be mastered well before "strategy" and 
"tactics" may come into the picture.

PS: Although the program contains several xyz.EXE and xyz.OVR files that 
might purposely or accidentally "carry" computer viruses, individuals 
interested in receiving the program are herewith assured that all files 
originating from Yank3003(--nospam--at) are "virus free". The program is Y2K 
compliant. The processing of requests will end February 1, 2000. Upon the 
receipt of the program, you will be asked to confirm the acceptance of the 
file via return EMail.

FileName: DSCORE.EXE;    FileSize after ZIP'ing:  1.1MB;   Downloding Time: 
about  7 minutes @ 56KB