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Re: December 4, 1999, Seismology Committee Recommendations.

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Dennis Wish,

You are a visionary.  What other person has been so out spoken concerning the 
needs of the wood frame one- and two- family residential industry to provide 
safe and affordable housing?

I do not have a copy of the draft International Residential Code (IRC), but I 
hope that the scope of the IRC corresponds with the International Building 
Code (IBC), Section 101.2, Scope, "Exception: Detached one and two family 
dwellings and multiple single family dwellings (townhouses) not more than 
three stories high with separate means of egress and their accessory 
structures shall comply with the International Residential Code."

You will note that the above IBC Exception wording is slightly different from 
the 1998 International One- and  Two- Family Dwelling Code, Section 103, 
Scope, 103.1, Application, "The provisions of this code apply to the 
construction, addition, prefabrication, alteration, repair, use, occupancy 
and maintenance of DETACHED one- and two- family dwellings and ONE-FAMILY 
TOWNHOUSES not more than three stories in height, and their accessory 
structures." (Emphasis added.)

In closing, Dennis Wish, you are to be commended for your working with the 
NAHB (who is working on a project called HATDE- Housing Affordability Through 
Design Efficiency program) and the NAHB Research Center (who is working on 
proposed residential changes (REACH).

Stay well, we need you.

Frank E. McClure   December 12, 1999.