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Dear coleagues:
I'm a civil engineer with a B.S. and MsC degrees in Structural Engineering. I'm also enganged in a PhD degree on São Paulo University (USP), which I intent to finish in september, 2000.
Could you help me in some way to get a job? I am willing to work even as a draftsman or other field until I adapt myself to the new situation.
I'm an addict student and I am willing to continue studying,in spite of my fifth-seven "springs" .
I am still single (with one daughther, age 20, single, which I would like to take with me). She is a freshman in Ahemby University and her major is digital design. She intends to finish her undergraduate studies in USA and work toward a PhD degree in her area. (maybe movie animation).
We have been twice to USA (California and New York) and we believe that the best place to work and to live is there.
I appreciate any help.
I will send my curriculum vitae in request. My e-mail is: jedward(--nospam--at)