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Structural Steel Properties - ASTM A 913 vs. A 992

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Your original question asked for the material properties of the "new
structural steel A913 (Grades 50 & 65)."  Heath Mitchell, below, provided
the requested minimum yield and tensile strengths for Grades 50 and 65 of
ASTM A 913/A 913M - 97, "Standard Specification for High-Strength Low-Alloy
Steel Shapes of Structural Quality, Produced by Quenching and Self-Tempering
Process (QST)", but you may not be aware that ASTM A 913/A 913M covers a
total of four grades of material.  They are Grades 50 [345], 60 [415], 65
[450] and 70 [485].

QST material isn't really new, although the ASTM A 913/A 913M - 97
specification is relatively recent.  I suspect it replaced a previous ASTM
specification(s) for QST, but I don't really know because I never use the
QST material.  Because of the two grades you asked about, I wonder if you
didn't actually mean to ask about the properties for Grades 50 and 65 under
the new, and more commonly used, ASTM A 992/A 992M - 98, "Standard
Specification for Steel for Structural Shapes for Use in Building Framing"?

Does anyone know, or want to discuss, the advantages or disadvantages of
ASTM A 913 material versus ASTM A 992?

James H. Stamper, PE (Jim)
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Heery International, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia
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From: Heath Mitchell <mitchell(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: New Structural Steel

Grade 50 has a minimum yield of 50 ksi and a minimum tensile strength of 65
ksi.  Grade 65 has a minimum yield of 65 ksi and a minimum tensile strength
of 80 ksi.

As Bart Needham pointed out, it is a high-strength low-alloy quenched and
self-tempered steel (Just in case you needed to know that).


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Subject:	New Structural Steel

Does anybody have the properties of the new structural steel A913 (Grades 50
& 65)?  Basically, what I am looking for are the Fy's (probably 50 & 65 ksi,
respectively) and Fu's (tensile strength).  I have been unable to get any
info from my web searches.

On a side note, I was taught in Grad school that I should always consider
A36 to have an Fy=50 ksi, since mills today produce mostly dual spec steel.
This recommendation was brought up in an EBF lecture.  Does anyone think it
is appropriate to always use A36 w/ Fy=50 ksi in all NEW construction for
any application (even angles and channels)?



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