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Re: Report on Wood Diaphragm Issues

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 << 5-  Flexible diaphragm assumptions are probably not appropriate for larger
  residential type construction such as multi-story apartment buildings and
  hotel/motel type structures, particularly when concrete topping slabs are
  present on the floors.  The poor performance of many such structures in the
  Sherman Oaks area during the Northridge earthquake, that included a number 
  partial collapses, confirms the importance of using more rigorous design
  practices for such buildings. >>
    First off, I want to thank Ron Hamburger for all the work he's been 
doing, but must  disagree with the commitees' decision regarding apartments 
    There was  little structural damage to newer apartment type buildings, 
properly designed with plywood, and HD's especially where walls were 
stacking. I fail to see how a concrete topping makes a plywood floor, even 
remotely act as rigid. When topping is poured, it has the consistency of pea 
soup. As it cures, it shrinks and cracks all over; gaps occur at all plates. 
In addition a felt paper is placed on plywood, preventing any bonding to 

Andrew Vidikan