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RE: Steel Deck - ASTM Standard Specifications

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Thank you, Jim.  We have been looking for this information as well, and your
input is very much appreciated!

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> Subject:	Steel Deck - ASTM Standard Specifications
> The ASTM specifications for cold-formed steel deck were very much revised
> back in 1994, including issuing new specifications for galvanizing and
> galvanized sheet steel products.  According to literature dated July 1997
> that I received from Verco Manufacturing Company, the new specifications
> were written to streamline and simplify the specifications for the steel
> producers.  IMO, a fringe benefit is that it helped structural engineers
> to
> better understand the ASTM specifications too.  Material characteristics
> and
> product performance were not affected by the changes in ASTM designations,
> and cold-rolled (painted) material covered by ASTM A 611 was not affected
> by
> the changes.  Following is a summary of the changes:
> Examples of
> the previous material designations and the corresponding new designations
> are:
> 	"Previous"			"New"
> 	ASTM A 446, Grade A		ASTM A 653, Structural Quality (SQ)
> Grade 33
> 	ASTM A 446, Grade E		ASTM A 653, Structural Quality (SQ)
> Grade 80
> 	ASTM A 525, G60		ASTM A 653, G60
> As with all structural materials, IMHO, all structural engineers should
> obtain a copy and be familiar with these ASTM standard specifications,
> rather than simply rely on manufacturers' catalogs.
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