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Charles Greenlaw's Important Message on Future Code Change Process

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Charles Greenlaw sent an email message to the SEAOSC List Service on December 
12, 1999, at 6:48:47 PM Pacific Standard Time, which I received without a 
Subject wording and From:unknownsender@unknown.domain.  

I am taking the liberty to bring to the SEAOSC List Service subscribers' 
attention Charles Greenlaw's important December 12, 1999, at 6:48:47 PM 
Pacific Standard Time, email message and hopefully you will read it from the 
SEAOSC List Service.

The SEAOSC List Service standard message explaining, when I tried to forward 
his email message back to SEAOSC List Service, with the above Subject wording 
which I added, that my email message with the attached original Charles 
Greenlaw email message was too long.

I have sent copies of his email message to concerned individuals who might 
not have seen it on the SEAOSC List Service and hope you will read it 
directly from the SEAOSC List Service if you are a subscriber.

The whole purpose of this effort is to try to make his important email 
message concerning the "Future Code Changes Process" (my Subject title) 
available to as many people as possible.

When Charles Greenlaw speaks, we should all listen.

Frank E. McClure     December 13, 1999