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RE: City of Santa Monica

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This is a full compliance requirement. The building official in Santa Monica is Tim McCormick (if I recall correctly) who came to SM from Los Angeles. You might contact Tim who I believe is well versed on these issues. There used to be a plan checker named Loretta who you might also speak with. Tim was very active on this list before moving and assuming responsibility in Santa Monica. You might tell him that we send our regards.
Dennis Wish PE
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Subject: City of Santa Monica

Has anyone dealt with the City of Santa Monica in regards to the following corrections that I received concerning a one story wood frame residence?
1.) Wood frame shear wall design must distribute lateral loads using a rigidity analysis.
2.) Wood shear panels shall meet the story drift limitation of Section 1630.10.2. Deflection calculation according to UBC Standard 23-2 shall be increased 25%. Also, the calculated deflection shall include the contribution to the deflection from the anchor or tie down slippage. The total vertical slippage shall be multiplied by the height-to-width ratio of the shear wall and added to the total horizontal deflection.
Esgil, the plan checking agency for the City did not have a clue to these requirements.The only information I received from the City was a copy of the Practical Design & Detailing Seminar Notes for "Wood Diaphragm and Shear Wall Defections" by Douglas Thompson, S.E. in which they stated this was an approved method adopted by the Seismology Committee of Seaoc.
Ken Wilkinson S.E.