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RE: Digital Camera

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I disagree with this.

In the first place, the Kodak cameras, which use the CompactFlash memory
card, can hold a great many more photos without having to juggle disks
which, in the field, is a great thing.

Second, the newer cameras have a USB port, which makes hookup and download
easier and faster.

Better still, though, I bought a SanDisk CompactFlash card reader (USB
version) for about $55 at Office Depot. I just keep this small device hooked
up to the computer at all times, then simply insert the card I want to read
when necessary. The computer "sees" the reader as simply another disk drive,
so to download, I just drag and drop the photo image icons wherever.

I think the Kodak cameras are the most reliable and affordable of the bunch.
I recommend them highly, along with the SanDisk card reader.

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James Lin wrote:
> Can anyone recommend the digital camera (name & model)
> to be used in the construction field.
> Thanks in advance,
> James Lin
> IDS, Inc.

My only comment is to recommend that you get a model that stores the
pictures on a standard floppy disk. We have a Kodak model in our office
that uses some other type card for memory. It is a real pain to have to
get to the back of the computer to hook up the cable every time you want
to download pictures. I guess we could buy extra cables so everyone
could leave them hooked up, but we haven't yet.