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Precast Double-Tees

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I have been following the recent discussion on untopped precast double-tees.

Section 6.12.1 of the NEHRP Guidelines states, "Some precast roof systems
are constructed as untopped systems. Untopped precast concrete diaphragms
have been limited to lower seismic zones by recent versions of the Uniform
Building Code. This limitation has been imposed because of the brittleness
of connections and lack of test data concerning the various precast

Where in the UBC does it state that untopped precast concrete diaphragms are
limited to lower seismic zones? I have read sections 1921.6.11 and 1921.6.12
of the UBC. These sections do not seem to suggest any limitation to untopped
concrete slabs. Is there anywhere else in the code that the NEHRP comment is
specifically referring to?


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