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Hydrodynamic Pressure

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I am checking the seismic design of an older, oval shaped concrete reservoir
and need to estimate hydrodynamic fluid pressure on the walls. I think I
could probably model this approximately using methodology in TID 7024 except
for the fact the bottom slab slopes about 2:1 from the perimeter wall
towards the interior. The tank is 154 ft wide and 206 ft long. Water depth
in the middle is about 25 ft, and about 10 ft at the perimeter wall. I'm
only interested in the wall pressures, and am thinking of modeling this
based on average depth. Because of the sloping floor slab, however, I would
expect wave amplitudes to be greater due to the "wave runup" effect at the
edges. Anybody out there ever have to analyze something like this or know of
any papers or references on the subject?