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Re: Hydrodynamic Pressure

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>I am checking the seismic design of an older, oval shaped concrete reservoir
>and need to estimate hydrodynamic fluid pressure on the walls.
If this were my job, I'd use something a little fancier than manual 
arithmetic on this, if only to look at the actual state of stress in the 
walls under pressure. The oval shape wants to induce bending stress 
across the thickness of the wall. Sloshing is also tricky, not just 
because of decreasing depth but because the width (dimension normal to 
wave progression) changes. I think I'd do some serious sniffing around 
for references on non-rectangular tanks. You might want to hit a nearby 
university library or check out online library catalogs for references. 
The old United Engineering Center Library has moved to Linda Hall (U 
Kansas, I think) <>. It'd be worth a check.

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