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RE: Hydrodynamic Pressure

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Sounds like pay dirt to me. Do you know where I can get my hands on
Housner's original paper? All I have ever seen is excerpts from TID 7024 for
rectangular and circular tanks. I have assorted papers I've collected over
the years by Housner, Haroun, Veletsos and others, but I haven't run across
the reference you mentioned. If you have the paper, maybe I could prevail on
you to fax me the relevant pages. Jim Lutz - Earth Tech - Bellevue, WA

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     Do not be to assured the original designer did not use the original 
Housner paper. I believe it was published in 1957. The title is " Dynamic 
Pressures on Accelerated Fluid Containers. The equations are worked out for 
Elliptical Tanks and Rectangular Dams that slope. I would at least read 
this paper before I tried to do any tank work. The equations from TID-7024 
are from this paper.

Acie Chance

NO idea about it