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RE: Hydrodynamic Pressure

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>I was planning on building a SAP2000 finite
>element model of the structure and doing an equivalent static load analysis
>if I could define the pressure.
Sounds like a plan. I doubt if you'd learn anything new with a dynamic 
model anyway, since only the water is non-rigid. You could probably do 
some equivalencing between your oval tank and the round and rectangular 
results in TID-7024. The only reason I thought of it was a little 
come-uppance I got when I took a hipshot at a problem involving an oval 
tube. My colleague/client go markedly different answers modelling the 
cross-section with plate elements and solids and asked me about it. I 
told him I thought the plate elements would be the more asccurate, but 
'taint so. Turns out the oval cross-section acts something like a curved 
beam and the stress distribution across the thickness isn't linear. In 
fact the stress is highest at the end of the major axis.

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