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Flitch Beam Shear

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In all likelihood you can disregard the plywood and just design for shear in 
the two 2 X 10's.

Unless you have specified the orientation of the plywood, and have provided 
for continuity of it for the full length of the beam, it probably doesn't 
even contribute to the flexural capacity of the beam.  (Is this a header or 
lintel where the plywood is installed just to make the beam 3.5 inches wide?)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Randy Russ wrote:

>>I am looking at a Flitch beam composed of 2-2x10's sandwiched around 1/2"
plywood. The wood is Southern Yellow Pine No. 2 Dense KD 19.

For ordinary sawn lumber, the allowable horizontal shear stress is 90 psi.
What is the allowable shear stress for this Flitch beam? Is it the same as
sawn lumber or is it more?<<