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Flexible Plywood and Code anarchy

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How to allow flexible diaphragm analysis, and avoid Code anarchy. 

With out changing the code. Why not allow the flexible diaphragm analysis
by rules of 
conventional construction. 

Section 2320.2, Design of Portions, allows parts of a building to be
engineered while still 
having other parts not engineered but in compliance with conventional

Clarify that the global, or whole, horizontal diaphragm, and the possible
behavior as a 
rigid diaphragm, is a built up body of many flexible portions of a
diaphragm. PORTIONS

Where a jurisdiction has disallowed conventional construction, why not
suggest an 
exception, allow conventional construction of those portions of the
structure called the 
whole of each diaphragm. Diaphragms would then need only to be engineered
as a 
series of flexible strips or a series of portions between lines of shear
walls. This would 
allow a tributary area method.

This bypasses the attempt, of the impossible, of trying to overpower what
is law and in 
the code.  Each jurisdiction needs to write up a clarifying memo as to when
they will 
allow the conventional construction as is allowed in the code. Wording
could be 
recommended by the seismic committee.

David B. Merrick, SE