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Re: Glulam Beams

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Hi James,

The last time I ordered 24 FV8 conbination beams with specific camber
requirements I had a long lead time,  4 weeks + to get the beams  ( several
hundred feet of beams ).  And when I needed to replace just one of these
beams ( how does it go.... measure once, cut twice ?) ,  it was 8 weeks due
to a lack of a truck going from the Mill to the lumber yard.

If it is possible to be a little flexible with the beam specification,
there are several beam products which have been taylored to the residential
market.  These are sold to lumber yards more agressively and have shorter
lead times ( GP-3000 beams are an example )  They tend to be without camber
or have very little camber.  Although you can get them with any camber you
require for your design.  The lumber yard will try to sell it to your
contractor as an alternate,  and lead time will be the hook.

I don't like much camber in residential applications and usually specifiy no
camber if it is going to be framed in like a header.  But, remember that
almost all solid lumber beams will have a crown which can be greater than
standard camber on a GLB for short spans.  So IMO it's not that big a deal
to have a header with 1/4" +/- of camber or crown.

Robert Shaffer, PE
Santa Cruz, CA

> I have a few questions:
> 1. Has anyone found 24F-V8 DF/DF glulam beams 5.125 wide by 12 and 15
inches deep to be special order items, i.e. long lead items?
> 2. What is your experience with camber? Do you typically specify camber?
> 3. I have a project with simple span window headers and one case with the
glulam header extending beyond the exterior building line as a cantilever to
support a roofed entry. I spec'd a 24F-V8 cambered to be installed upside
down so deflections would be minimized and be apparent under deadloads. What
is your opinions about this installation.
> 4. I used the same spec. 24F-V8 and cambered for the simple span headers,
5 feet maximum span, and was informed that camber is never used for this
type of installation. Opinions, please.
> Thank you.
> James Allen, P.E.