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RE: Glulam Beams

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On several of my projects the glulams have been fabricated by Western
Structures out of Eugene Oregon. They can make you what ever you want,
camber, taper, special lay-up etc, all their beams are technically a special
order. In one case we used pairs of 24F-V8 3-1/8x 30" with no camber (for
easier connections to steel struts) and tapered ends with special layup at
the taper. All were delivered in 10-14 days as promised upon order. One of
the large California suppliers is getting some very bad marks from bay area
contractors for being very slow and late.

Sometimes I will specify more camber than the standard radius for appearance
reasons. Most contractors want to use V4 for simple spans since it is less
expensive and some places, I have been told, have them off the shelf.

Jeff Smith

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|~|Subject: Glulam Beams
|~|I have a few questions:
|~|1. Has anyone found 24F-V8 DF/DF glulam beams 5.125 wide by 12
|~|and 15 inches deep to be special order items, i.e. long lead items?
|~|2. What is your experience with camber? Do you typically specify camber?
|~|3. I have a project with simple span window headers and one case
|~|with the glulam header extending beyond the exterior building
|~|line as a cantilever to support a roofed entry. I spec'd a
|~|24F-V8 cambered to be installed upside down so deflections would
|~|be minimized and be apparent under deadloads. What is your
|~|opinions about this installation.
|~|4. I used the same spec. 24F-V8 and cambered for the simple span
|~|headers, 5 feet maximum span, and was informed that camber is
|~|never used for this type of installation. Opinions, please.
|~|Thank you.
|~|James Allen, P.E.