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RE: "Layered" wood beams with interlayer slip

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If you have unit tests providing verification of the stiffness of your
mechanical connectors, and you have only one slip plane, classical sandwich
beam analyses will give you the deflections and the internal stresses.  Let
me know if this is the case, and I'll forward you some references.

Rex Donahey
Composite Technologies Corporation

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Subject: "Layered" wood beams with interlayer slip

Does anyone have good references concerning the design of
"layered" wood beams. I need to account for the slip between the
layers, particularly to limit deflection. I will be using mechanical
connection, as this application doesnt lend itself to the use of

I do not have FEM software, but I do intend to develop MathCAD

I will be conducting tests of the beam to confirm my analysis.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Peter McCormack