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RE: PE Stamps on Drawings

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Regardless of preference on this matter, I strongly disagree with the SEAOC
boards proposed position statement to the Board of Registration. It assumes
the support of the majority of the members of SEAOC. I don't recall any
rhetoric on the subject and feel that this is too important an issue to
allow the SEAOC policy makers to decide without the consent of the majority
of members.
The professional community now has the resources to gather a strong
consensus of the membership without great cost. This can be done on our
Website, by fax response, by a simple question in the SEAOC Plan Review
asking for responses by phone, fax or email etc. My point is that the
membership never elected representatives to take the thinking away from us -
we support SEAOC to represent the needs of the members and this can only
translate into a majority support.
Please pass this back to the board before committing to an opinion
representing an unknown percentage of our profession. Start by opening the
discussions for all sides of the issues.
Dennis S. Wish, PE
SEConsultant(--nospam--at) <mailto:SEConsultant(--nospam--at)>
(208) 361-5447 Efax

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Subject: PE Stamps on Drawings

In a post yesterday, Charles Greenlaw indicated a proposed rule making that
would require every registered engineer that participated in the preparation
a set of construction documents, to stamp the set.

The Structural Engineers Association of California has prepared a letter to
Board of Registration protesting this proposed rule making on the grounds
only one engineer should serve in responsible charge for any structural
and that to require multiple engineers to serve in such capacity would
the identification of responsibiltiy for the integrity of the structural
as a whole.

SEAOC's executive director will appear at a hearing today to address this
concern and oppose the proposed rule making.

Charles -  Thank you for your vigilance in this matter, and timely
on the list server.