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RE: "Layered" wood beams with interlayer slip

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Worst case may involve 5 slip planes, but generally 1 to 3 slips 
planes will be considered. 

Any information is appreciated.

Peter McCormack

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Subject:        	RE: "Layered" wood beams with interlayer slip
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> Peter:
> If you have unit tests providing verification of the stiffness of your
> mechanical connectors, and you have only one slip plane, classical sandwich
> beam analyses will give you the deflections and the internal stresses.  Let
> me know if this is the case, and I'll forward you some references.
> Rex Donahey
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> Subject: "Layered" wood beams with interlayer slip
> Does anyone have good references concerning the design of
> "layered" wood beams. I need to account for the slip between the
> layers, particularly to limit deflection. I will be using mechanical
> connection, as this application doesnt lend itself to the use of
> adhesives.
> I do not have FEM software, but I do intend to develop MathCAD
> template.
> I will be conducting tests of the beam to confirm my analysis.
> Any suggestions will be appreciated.
> Peter McCormack