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Re: Concrete reciepe

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The embed portion may be lean concrete if the width of the wide flange provides
enough area.  The bottom of the hole should be hardrock concrete for bearing.

If the W8X31 is wide enough, it can be counted on alone, and the lean concrete
will hold it in place and provide oxidation cover.

Are there tiebacks?  Are these cantilevered?  What is the magnitude of the
vertical load?  From the length given is seems cantilevered.

Bart Needham

Bob Hanson wrote:

> List,
> I have w 8x31 soldier piles I would like to encase in a 18" diameter
> concrete filled hole and am looking for a cheap reciepe for the embedded
> portion. I have seen terms like 2 sack sand cement mix used but am curious
> about strength and a safe cure time. The term "lean concrete" is fuzzy for
> me as something between good soil and real concrete. The hole is dry, the
> cut is to be about 8 ft and the pile embed will be about 10 ft (total length
> 18 ft). I think the embed portion needs to be a real 3000 psi mix.
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Bob Hanson