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Re: PE Stamps on Drawings

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I work as a contract employee for a few engineering firms on a job by job
basis. I am not the EOR on these projects and I would doubt that their E & O
insurance would allow me to be the EOR.   A project I am currently working
on would present a dilemma if I were expected to place my seal upon it.
I always use exposure C as a minimum for wind loading,  I would consider
using exposure B if someone would take the time to truely evaluate the
terrain.  However,  in this case I have brought this to the attention of the
EOR and he has decided that exposure B is adaquate.  While I do not agree,
I am willing to proceed with my part of the design based upon his decision.
I feel I have done my part in raising the question,  and that the EOR has
done his part by his evaluation and HIS decision.  Even if I was only going
to design the flag pole,  it would be effected by this decision by the EOR.
How can the responsibility be divided amongst several when a single decision
can effect the whole.

Robert Shaffer, P.E.
Santa Cruz,  CA