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RE: PE Stamps on Drawings

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I agree with Robert Shaffer and offer another perspective: I work for a
large engineering firm and I often assist with design of projects under the
direction of another Professional Engineer or have another Professional
Engineer assist me with a design I am responsible for.  Sometimes the other
PE does a design or detail differently than I might recommend - in which
case I point out my suggestion and its basis, but I then abide by the PE's
final decision.  And I expect the same when another PE work's for me - they
should inform me when they would recommend an alternate design or detail but
should abide by my decision when I am the responsible PE.  If multiple PE's
were to stamp the same drawing, the lines of responsibility and decision
making are blurred and could create a case where neither PE wants to stamp a
drawing because everything is not the way they feel is best; or if both
stamp a drawing and there is a problem, they might try to pin the
responsibility of the other PE.  

I strongly recommend that only one PE be responsible for each
design/drawing.  (An exception could be where two independent structures are
shown on one drawing and each stamp clearly states which structure the PE is
taking responsibility for.)