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British Columbia "Equivalent to SEAOC"

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Information on Structural Groups in British Columbia:

Constantine Shuhaibar (csh(--nospam--at) asked about the organization to
contact in the Canada, adjoining the Pacific Northwest, about the SEAOC
2000 Convention.

As my colleagues in Victoria and Abbotsford have already reported, there
are some structural engineering groups here. None of them is really
"equivalent to SEAOC in California," but is there an organization
anywhere "equivalent to SEAOC?"

Our Division of Structural Engineers ("DSE")  aspires to be like SEAOC,
in that we try to represent all structural engineers in BC, especially
in providing a forum where we all can communicate. We are a division of
the umbrella organization for all engineers in the province, the
Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC. The
APEGBC is a self-governing  professional licensing and regulating body.
We don't have licensing by a government agency, as you do in the states.

The DSE is a member of the Western States Council of Structural
Engineering Associations and of the Northwest Conference of SEAs. We
send representatives to their annual conferences, each year, and have
learned a lot about how our neighbouring states deal with the issues
that excercise us, such as structural qualifications and quality
control. Martin Bollo (bollom(--nospam--at) was mentioned
as a contact by Jamie Lawson of Abbotsford. Martin has been quite active
in organizing successful technical seminars for structural engineers. He
is an "SEAOC grad", as he worked in California after graduation and, I
think, was involved in SEAOC activities. His current mentor is David
Harvey, a former chair of the DSE, who has attended the Western States'
and Northwest conferences. He is at harveyd(--nospam--at)

There are other organizations: The Structural Engineering Consultants of
BC, (SECBC), whom Jamie Lawson mentioned. Their Chair, Cameron Kemp, is
a partner at the omicron design group (whoever named it never learned
how to type capital letters).  Cam's address is ckemp(--nospam--at)
They also have a website,

As the name implies, they represent consultants, especially consultants
designing building structures in the commercial and residential sectors.

There are local branches, in Vancouver and Victoria and other cities, of
the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE). The CSCE focusses on
continuing professional development. An offshoot of the Vancouver branch
is the Vancouver Structural Engineers' Group, (the VSEG), which
concentrates on presenting seminars, mostly in Vancouver. The Chair of
that group is John Pao, a partner in Bogdonov Pao. His address (I think)
is  john(--nospam--at) Their website is

All these groups will give you any information or help that we can,
especially  if you are contemplating Vancouver, Whistler or Victoria as
potential convention sites. The DSE has agreed to host the Western
States' SEA Conference in Vancouver, in 2004. Helping you folks with
your show would be excellent practise for us, for when we present ours.

Jim Warne
Division of Structural Engineers (British Columbia)
Phone (604)985-2702; Fax (604)985-2742