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Re: PE Stamps on Drawings

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On 12/16/99, Dennis Wish, wrote:

"I agree with these comments. My concern is the requirment that the work be
performed under direct supervision of the responsible engineer. ...........
..............  I don't believe that a blanket statment as Ron Hamburger
suggested has
considered all sides of the issues and I believe that this needs to be
discussed openly before creating another potential liability for practicing

I believe that Dennis Wish is missing the point of what Ron Hamburger posted.
Ron Hamburger's post is in agreement with the status quo.  Therefore, "another
potential liability" is not created.

I agree with SEAOC's decision of sending a letter protesting a rule making that
would require every registered engineer that participated in the preparation of
a set of construction documents, to stamp the set.  I have worked on projects
which have had close to twenty civil/structural engineers working on the
project.  To require all to stamp the entire set would be ludicrous, the stamps
would take up more space than the construction details.  There can only be one
responsible engineer.

Evan Jorgensen